• Cookie Sandwich, side top view
  • Birthday Cattywampus, side view
  • Colourful chandelier, bottom view
  • Black Tap Soho Milkshake
  • A Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Syrup and Rainbow Sprinkles


American Diner - Southern Soul

Home of the Cattywampus Milkshake

The Bakery: Sweet Matriarch

Our bakery, Sweet Matriarch, opened June 2013 in beautiful downtown Georgetown, Kentucky. And as the name would suggest every single one of The Matriarch's were on hand to greet family, friends and our first guest. A day to remember with a dose of true southern hospitality.

With no prior business experience the goal was simple. Bring out the tattered pages and handwritten note cards to share our family recipes. Bake with real ingredients, from scratch, just like we were baking for our own family.

Our Desserts

Cakes. Cookies. Pies. Tarts. Cake Pops. Brownies. Chess Bars. Lemon Bars. Bourbon Balls. Caramel Sauce. Chocolate Ganache. Macarons. Cheesecake. And more. Plus, we had an additional trick up our sleeve... our signature buttercream. It's a hybrid of an Italian meringue meets American frosting to sweeten it just a bit. Light, buttery, kinda sweet and no shortening, ever! And the feedback was amazing! We did what we sat out to do. Y'all know, the family member's home where the food and desserts were soooo good you can't duplicate it on your own.

Birthday Half pint Cattywampus close up

Our ingredients

When you bake you use very few ingredients in most cases. And the better quality translates into a superior dessert. Whenever possible we start close to home and we use the golden rule, "treat others how you want to be treated".

What does that mean to a bakery? Fair trade chocolate and vanilla, cage free eggs, real dairy, cane sugar, fresh fruits and local Weisenberger Mill flour. We went back to simplicity. Every dessert is baked in house from scratch every step of the way with real ingredient.

Cookies And Cream Cattywampus close up

The Idea "Let's start shakes in the spring"

Our family has a small church and school house back in our hometown. And decades ago, great uncles and grandfathers would serve the kids ice cream from a window on Sunday or a Basket Meetings. If you're Southern, you know exactly what we're talking about. And, the plan was always to add a walk up ice cream window to honor that tradition.

We decided in Fall of 2019 to get started on the idea for Spring 2020. Let's introduce some overloaded milkshakes and ice cream. (Insert ominous music here) Fast forward and add in a global pandemic, it's Spring 2020. The world is essentially locked down, weddings were canceled, cake orders down sized and our revenue was crashing.

What's a baker to do? Losing the bakery was not an option and we had this new walk up window. So, grab the duct tape. Add six feet apart hot pink duct tape lines to the sidewalk, lock the door and open the window. Let's post these creations on Facebook Let us introduce.... Cattywampus Milkshakes

Restaurant interior

What the heck is a Cattywampus?!

Well to first answer that question. Cattywampus is a variant of catawampus. Both are terms used in the Southern U.S.

Defined as:

adjective askew; awry. positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.

adverb diagonally; obliquely:

We grew up saying, cattywampus and our Granny described it as above or "kinda wonky, not positioned properly". To us, Cattywampus Milkshakes, were the perfect name for these fun creations.

Cattywampus Milkshakes start with hand dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream blended smooth but still thick. Your milkshake is then placed in a mason jar encrusted with icing, candy bits or cookie crumbles. It's then overloaded with house made baked goods, whipped cream, drizzles of chocolate, caramel or fruit toppings. Finally it's finished with more toppings and your favorite nostalgic treat.

It's a whole new milkshake experience.